Tuesday, October 26, 2010

eh swim

Swam about 1000 yards today. Not a great workout. My plan was for 2000 yards but I was super sore today from P90X yesterday and just had a rough swim. Body position was off, breathing sucked and my flip turns were terrible. Decided to call it a day. As I haven't been in the pool in a couple of weeks, just getting in counts as a success.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I remembered!

I almost forgot about the blog again...but I remembered so it's okay!

I've been working like a maniac recently and needed a break to recharge. That's what I did last weekend. I didn't work AT ALL (except for the insectary) for two days and didn't train and ate junk food. It was a cold, rainy weekend and I wore pajamas the entire time and snuggled with Luke and the pig ninjas on the couch. Awesome! Now I feel much better and more motivated.

got back on the trainer and rode for 45 minutes. The trainer is evil and mind-numbing but totally necessary since I can't always ride outside. The trainer turns my bike into a stationary bike. Next week I start a super-intensive trainer plan that will jump start my speed for the nicer biking weather and longer daylight hours. It's supposed to be crazy hard and I can't wait.

Ran 3.06 miles with the doggies this morning. Avoided getting hit by a car (wonder what that crazy a#$hole was running from?) and enjoyed the brisk morning air. Came home and did P90X chest and back and Ab Ripper X. That Ab Ripper is a killer. "I hate it, but I love it!"

After last weekend, I'm also trying to get back on track with my nutrition. Yes, I know, I'm small, I don't need to lose weight. I agree, but I don't want to gain any...that makes running harder on the joints and climbing harder on the hills. Guess it makes swimming easier...uh, not worth the trade-off. Also, I want to function at my best...lots of muscle and not a lot of pork. Started counting calories and protein again, which makes everything not as much fun. Determined not to be too neurotic, though. For example, on Saturday I'm going to a Halloween party and I WILL eat everything there.

It's crazy how many fat endurance athletes there are. My guess is that everyone underestimates calories and overestimates calories burned. If I ate processed food, there is no way I could eat enough to be full and stay under my calorie limits. Training makes me so hungry it's really easy to overeat. I can only imagine if I had a slow metabolism...I'd be huge! Thank you mom and dad for good skinny genes and healthy eating habits :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oooops...I actually forgot about my blog. Seriously. Sorry! I've been a bit overwhelmed with training, lab crap, manuscript and dissertation writing and planning a big move. I've still been working out. Here's what I did yesterday: 3.06 mile run with the pig ninjas in the Davis Arboretum and a 39.81 mile bike ride with Luke from our house to the airport and back. Super fun. Everything has been about the same training-wise. I hurt my neck a week or so ago and haven't been swimming. Probably just slept on it wrong. In any case, I'm going to stop swimming with my current masters team and swim on my own until I move to San Diego. It seems like this coach spends too much time doing butterfly and breast stroke drills, which may make me a better overall swimmer, but is not helping me with my Ironman goals. Seriously, one arm butterfly? Complete torture.

Okay, I'll start posting every day again. No excuses!