Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oooops...I actually forgot about my blog. Seriously. Sorry! I've been a bit overwhelmed with training, lab crap, manuscript and dissertation writing and planning a big move. I've still been working out. Here's what I did yesterday: 3.06 mile run with the pig ninjas in the Davis Arboretum and a 39.81 mile bike ride with Luke from our house to the airport and back. Super fun. Everything has been about the same training-wise. I hurt my neck a week or so ago and haven't been swimming. Probably just slept on it wrong. In any case, I'm going to stop swimming with my current masters team and swim on my own until I move to San Diego. It seems like this coach spends too much time doing butterfly and breast stroke drills, which may make me a better overall swimmer, but is not helping me with my Ironman goals. Seriously, one arm butterfly? Complete torture.

Okay, I'll start posting every day again. No excuses!

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