Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paleo chow of the day

Last night I went to swim practice with my team. Instead of doing the masters' swim, like I normally do, I went to the technique class. I thought I could pick up some tips. Uh, no, it was worthless. Back to masters' swim.

This morning I didn't have much time, as I relaxed in bed and read for a while (so nice!), but still wanted to get outside and have some exercise with the pig ninjas. We did hill repeats for about 30 minutes. Kicked my butt and the doggie butts, too. It was funny watching people walk to their cars. Some of the ladies are going to have really sore feet. I like rocking heels just like the next girl, or maybe more, but I know how to walk in them. If you're stumbling down the sidewalk in your heels and it's not because of injury or overconsumption of adult beverages, you probably don't have any business wearing those shoes in public.

Here's what I have eaten:

3 egg whites
apple sauce

Will eat (at least I have it with me, which usually means it will be consumed):

enormous salad
grilled chicken breast
nut mix

I'm not sure what will happen for dinner. We're going to a culture and cocktails event at the Museum of Art, so I definitely won't be paleo. I'm thinking lots of canapes and a cocktail or two. It's important not to be too uptight about a nutrition plan. Life is fun, food is fun, enjoy yourself a little bit!

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