Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black Mountain and the Mustachioed Girl

It was definitely a Black Mountain kind of weekend.

You already know that Friday I did a crazy, super hard Black Mountain trail run.  I woke up sore on Saturday, which was awesome.  I'm never sore after runs.  I met some friends for another Black Mountain trail run.  I only had about 4 miles in me this time and it was still tough.  Since it was a shorter run, I brought both pig ninjas.  Rudy had a lot of fun, but I think Hank was tired from Friday still.  Very fun but my legs were super sore.  Of course, I had to wear my special undies and compression socks outfit and watch the hummingbirds in the back yard.  One of my cycling buddies, Paul (aka Liver) was teasing me about how my neighbors must think I'm crazy because I sit in the back yard in my undies and those crazy neon compression socks all the time.  Hahahahhaha.  That's what they get for being peeping neighbors!

Sunday morning I was supposed to ride the Great Western Loop with Team Badass, but I slept through my alarm.  So sad!  Of course, this led to a couple of hours of trying to convince myself to ride solo vs. riding the trainer vs. sitting on the couch.  Why is it always so hard to convince myself to ride solo?  I like it!  Finally I made it outside and rode from my house up to Black Mountain, out to Rancho Bernardo and then back through Del Mar Heights and back home.  Forty-ish mile loop with a good amount of climbing.  My legs felt pretty solid, though I could tell they were tired when I was climbing.  I had to hustle, hustle, hustle on the way back because my friends Li and Paul were waiting for me at the Indian buffet.  Of course, I missed a turn, which made me late and set me up for some additional climbing.  I made it home finally, jumped in Willie (my car) and, literally, ran into the restaurant...still in my biking gear and covered in sweat.  You're welcome, fellow restaurant goers.  Of course, it was a super awesome Indian restaurant and I was the only white person there, so I stood out anyway.  Always a  good sign to go to an ethnic restaurant where there are no white people! The food was excellent and I was super full.

One highlight of my Sunday ride was the chase with the mustachioed girl.  As I was riding along, I approached another rider and, as I'm a courteous cyclist, called out "On your left!"  I looked over as I passed and was surprised to see that I was passing a very lean woman with a full blonde mustache.  Not a man; definitely a woman with a stache!  It was very fair blonde color and rather think and full.  Unfortunately, the mustachioed lady was not as nice as her mustache and refused to make eye contact.  Apparently, she was quite unhappy about being passed and started to do that ever annoying bastard move of running through stop signs and red lights (I do this, too, sometimes but not when there are cars around) when there were cars just to get ahead.  Of course, I would then pass her back once I got going again.  Very dumb.  Maybe it was roid rage?

Chiro update: I found a nice chiropractor who did not own and alien gun and he did the snap crackle pop on my back.  I now feel much better.  He told me that I need some deep tissue work so make my neck 100%.  Not fun.  Must make appointment.

Took yesterday off.  Did a short 4.6 miler with the pig ninjas this morning.  Fun!


  1. I have been going to a chiro for about a year now and I love it, he cracks me up! LOL ALso we do alot of stretching which helps me a ton!

  2. I hate people that do stupid things to avoid being passed. Let's face, all but one person in the world is slower then somebody. Just accept it.