Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tremendous Triple

Hellllooooo!  I've been training and I've been crazy busy (hahaha...I accidentally wrote "busty" and then corrected it.  Yes, that also works) so I haven't been blogging.   Let's see, I went to Sun Valley for the wedding of my good friend Danielle.  This was extra fun because all of the crazy people I went to elementary, middle and high school with were there.  We had a super tight class and there are about 10 of us who are still close.
The rehearsal dinner at Whiskey Jacques.  Western theme encouraged.

We dressed up pretty for the wedding.

And, some things never change.

It was a complete blast.  The highlights were the wedding (of course), spending time with some of my favorite people, and sitting in an outdoor pool heated to 102 degrees, drinking margaritas, while it snowed on top of us.  There was no training that weekend.

Last weekend, my grandma came to visit.  I managed to squeeze in an 8.5 mile run, but was otherwise just content to hang out with her.  We spent lots of time sitting on the beach visiting.  She is a marvelous woman.  74, but doesn't look a day over 60.  In the past couple of years, she's started working out at the gym and watching what she eats and she's lost a minimum of 60 pounds.  Take that everyone who says you can't lose weight when you're older!  Anyway, she's a very influential person in my life and always has been.
with my foxy Grandma at La Jolla Cove
Thanks for the awesome genes, Grandma!!!

Yesterday, I had the workout I've been waiting for: a triple.  Started with a morning drainer ride (and, yes, I pinterest-ed while I rode), a noon masters' session and then a track workout after work with my friend Li and some tri club people.  I think going to the noon swim is going to be key to getting all of my swims in.  It's just too much to bike or run and swim and take care of the dogs and eat breakfast and pack my lunch and shower and become presentable all before work.  Something usually slips and that something is usually swimming.

The track workout was a real ass kicker.  I haven't been on the track since last year.  We did lots of sprints; my quads are feeling it today.  This is going to be a regular Wednesday thing and I hope I get faster.  One bad moment from yesterday: I got out of track practice and went to my car.  The f-ing garage was locked up.  I couldn't even get to my car.  Oh f-bomb!  I wandered around the university looking for security.  Remember, I don't have my phone, I'm cold and sweaty and it's dark out.  Not fun.  Finally, a nice kid at a cafeteria let me in and called security.  They sent a cop, who was super cool and helped me out.  He managed to get me into the garage through the building (which was locked, so I couldn't get in) and then a sensor let my car out.  I'll make sure I don't park there again!

Good weekend on tap: Saturday is the Oceanside 70.3, which I will be spectating.  Can't wait to cheer on my teammates who are racing.  Will also do a 12 mile run with Hanky Panky and hopefully a few others.  Sunday: 60 mile bike ride.  Nice!


  1. Good stuff... keep it up! As for Oceanside 70.3, keep an eye out for Mr. Jim (Ash's Dad), as he's doing the race. Enjoy.

  2. Nice job on the triple. That sucks that your car was stuck!

  3. You and the girls will have to let me know how the track workout goes. I haven't planned on attending any of them, but my mind could be changed if it turns out they are super awesome.