Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday update

Yay!  It's FRIDAY!!!

I woke up crazy early this morning (4:30 am.  What is it about 5:00 am that's fine but the 4 in front makes it terrible?) to run a 15K (~10 mile) loop at Black Mountain. I met up with my friend and teammate Ian (he and another Team Badass guy write a blog.  It's fun.  You should check it out: so he could show me the run.  Now, Ian is really fast, like 1:26 half marathon fast.  I'm slow.  He was nice enough to slow down so that I could chase him on the trail.  It was an awesome morning.  Started in the dark, saw the sun rise and finished early.  The trail was up and down, up and down, with a few almost-mountains thrown in.  I had to walk a few of the steeper hills and by mile 9, I was shelled.  I had to walk the last 3/4 mile, which was uphill.  At the end, I felt like I had run a marathon.  No joke.  It was that tough.  Trail running is much more fun, though.  Pig ninja Hank had fun, too, and had no issues finishing the run.  Maybe 4 legs help on hills.

Hank and I hit up Starbucks on the way home.  We split a wrap and I drank a bottle of water (started it in line), a Naked Fruit drink and a Venti latte.  I was thirsty and hot and cold and hungry and MUDDY!  I had about a pound of mud caked to each shoe and a trail of mud up the back of my tights.

Now I'm sitting in the lab in my extra lovely yoga pants + compression socks get-up and I feel great.

On Wednesday, I went to a ladies' night at the office of our new tri club sponsor, who is a chiropractor.  Now, in general, I think chiropractors are full of crap.  However, this guy bribed us with wine, snacks, paraffin hand treatments and massages.  Okay!  I'm in.  I met my friend and Team You Got Chicked mate there.  Turns out we were the only new people who showed up.  Everyone else either works there or is a current client.  WTF?!  This chiro was definitely one of the bad chiros.  He was greasy and d-baggy and ridiculous.  He kept trying to convince us of his powers and scientific abilities (don't try this with 2 PhD scientists who are also athletes unless you know your stuff).  Then, at the end, he pulled out his weird alien gun to "interrupt nerve impulses to reset our nerves."  I think that's what he said.

Leslie and the alien gun

WTF are you doing to me, crazy man?!!!!

There were also a couple of vendors.  One woman was selling things that smelled very nice.  She was fine.  The other woman was selling some sort of nutrition system.  It consisted of a "cleanse" that could take tons of weight off.  Don't even get me started with that!  Such a load of shit.  Her other product was a "sports" drink.  It hardly had any sodium or potassium in in.  I'm pretty sure it was Tang with a vitamin dissolved in it.

So, all that said, I'm going to a chiropractor tonight.  Sometimes my spine gets misaligned and it gives me sciatica.  I've been to an osteopathic physician for it and all he's done is adjust it, so I think a good chiro can do the same thing.  My neck is really tight and sore, too, so I help the adjustment takes care of that.

Super fun weekend on tap. More trail running tomorrow and the Great Western Loop on Sunday.  Yippeee!

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  1. Haha, I love the alien gun. Seriously? With up to date technology like that, I can't believe you're not going to see that chiro for the adjustment!