Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

I've been bad, bad, bad at blogging for a few days. Here's what I've been doing:

Friday: skipped everything and went to San Francisco. Ate dinner at Incanto and chatted with Chef Chris Cosentino. Fabulous.

Saturday: planned rest day. Decided to stay on schedule even though I took the day before off...a little rest never hurt anyone ;)

Sunday: 5 mile run with the pig ninjas, P90X chest and back and Ab Ripper X.

Monday: We decided to ride for about 50 miles on Monday along the Sacramento River. We felt so good that we kept going...and rode 96 miles! It was awesome! We rode from our house in West Sac to Rio Vista and back. Great day. Windy, but we kept a good pace. A bit sunburned today, but totally worth it. Felt great until the last 15 miles, then I started hating everything, especially my stupid leaking aero water bottle that rattled and splashed gatorade into my face every few minutes.

It's crazy that 9 months from now I'll be able to ride longer than that, after swimming 2.4 miles and then run a marathon. It's gonna be awesome!

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