Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend tallies

What a fun weekend!

Saturday: 50 mile bike ride. Started in Folsom, rode out to Auburn, down through Cool and back to Folsom. 3400 feet of climbing. This was the ride that I got heatstroke on and couldn't finish last time. This time I felt great. Super challenging ride, but awesome. Ate a delicious Moroccan feast to refuel :)

Sunday: 2.3 mile run with the pig ninjas. Short but fast. First mile 9 minutes, second 8 minutes, last 0.3 7 minute mile pace. Then massage. My normal guy was booked so I went with someone else since it was kinda last minute. Bad decision. He was terrible. 90 minutes of blah. I knew I was in trouble right from the start when he didn't know what an IT band was. Ugh. He inspired me to compile the following list (though he does not possess all of the following qualities):

Bad qualities for a masseuse:
1. super hairy arms. It felt like he was rubbing my back with steel wool. It made my skin peel (thanks Monday long ride sunburn) and I kept imagining long snakeskin-like Ash skin in his arm hair. This made me snicker.
2. a fat belly. One time I received a massage from a very fat man. His stomach touched me every time he leaned over. Super gross. Luke said, "What if his shirt was barely long enough and every time he bent over, his hairy stomach rubbed on you?" Thanks, pookie. Truly disgusting. Of course, this was said by the same man who I once overheard say, "Rudy, you don't get any peanut butter. You sniff butts," to the dog.
3. mucus-y breathing. Okay, I know you can't help being sick, but if I can hear mucus rattling around in your sinuses, it's not relaxing me and you should probably stay home and blow your nose, especially if you keep making loogie (how in the world do you spell that?) making noises. You can help that.
4. constant chatter. Shut the F up! Thanks.

This was a great week for training. I'm looking forward to another good week, including my first triathlon in years next Sunday in Tahoe!

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