Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big triple

Had a huge training day today. My schedule went like this:
4:48: wake up. Yes! I'm nuts and wake up at the same time as my grandpa. Voluntarily.
5-7: work. Writing = yuck
7:15-8:45: bike ride
8:50-9:30: run
9:30-11:30: work...that's right. No shower. Just chocolate milk, food and writing.
11:35-12:55: swim
1-1:15: shower, change. I'm fast now.
2-6: work. Mosquitoes and manuscripts. Thank goodness training keeps me sane.

That's right, I fit an entire work day in plus three workouts plus enough time to watch a little crappy TV.

The bike ride was good. Windy, but what's new? I rode out along the river.
Run: brick. Found a new trail in the neighborhood. Always fun. Ran with the pig ninjas and we returned to the house tired and muddy. I love dirty runs.

Swim: ooh ooh ooh! Big swim day! I swam...wait for it....4000 yards!!! That's 2.27 miles. Almost the entire IM distance. And, I swam it in 1:20, so a 2:00/100 yard pace. That pace totally works for me. This is my longest swim ever and it felt pretty good. My stroke felt long and smooth and pretty effortless. I was definitely tired the last 1000 yards or so, but my pace held steady. Very, very proud of myself. Now I just have to get over the mental part of the OWS and I will be fine! Working on it. That swim lesson has definitely helped. Every few weeks, I'm going to do a long, straight swim, just for the confidence boost. "Real" swimmers say there's not really any point to long, straight swims, but it really helps me out. Next time I'll do 2.5 miles so my longest distance will be more than the IM swim.


Edited to add: when I first posted this, the title said "Big tripe." Ah hahhahahahahaha

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  1. YAHOO! Great job going a triple (on top of having a normal work day).

    And congrats on a great swim. Doesn't it feel good knocking out more yards than most people swim in their entire life! :) You go girl!