Monday, March 14, 2011

End of the week rundown and badassness

Here's the rundown:

Friday: 6.3 mile run with the pig ninjas. I found a new trail near the house that's muddy and fun. As we were running, we scared a group of about 20 wild turkeys that had been hiding in the bushes. Super cool. We stopped to watch them waddle away.

Saturday: 42 mile bike ride. I wanted to ride 80-90, but got a late start because I was obsessing over work stuff. Pretty good ride. I pushed the pace, especially at the end.

Sunday: Super cold open water swim in Lake Natoma. 47 degrees. OMG! So cold. I managed to swim 400 yards this time and I'm shooting for twice that next time. Just getting in there and used to OWS will hopefully reduce (can't hope for elimination yet) the freakouts I have during the swim portion of tris. This time I wore a neoprene cap, swimsuit, two silicone caps and booties. Spent about 15 minutes total in the water, including swimming time and time we spend waiting for boats to pass. There were a lot of rowers out on the lake. It was definitely easier than last time. I'm shooting for 1200 yards next time....which will be next week.

I'm in the white cap and my friend Melody is in the orange cap. I've been wearing my Garmin 310xt under my cap and it has been awesome!

I consider this to be seriously badass.

Here are my training goals for this week:
Hit it hard
climb hills
push the runs
make 3 early swims + OW on Saturday
suck it up in the rain and train!
HAVE FUN!!! Always the most important goal.

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