Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

I successfully completed an actual rest day yesterday. It was surprisingly difficult and I felt a bit sluggish all day. Still feeling sluggish today, in fact. Got a massage, did some work, and relaxed. I think I prefer training to relaxing. Perhaps it's all those endorphins. When I first starting running marathons, I had a conversation with my grandma that went like this:

Grandma: You know, honey, long distance running is bad for you.
Me: Why's that?
Grandma: It's bad for your joints, causes arthritis, (all you runners have heard this one before) etc.
Me: Actually, studies have shown that running does not lead to those issues and, in fact, runners tend to be much healthier because they are not obese.
Grandma: Yeah, well, running releases endorphins and that's just like doing drugs. You're getting HIGH from all that running.
Me: giggles

So maybe that explains it...maybe it's all those endorphins, or else it's that feeling of accomplishment. Seriously, have you ever felt more badass than when you accomplish a major, painful, difficult fitness goal? Nothing feels better than reaching the top of that 2 mile steep hill on your bike or crossing the finish line of a marathon or even the first time you do Ab Ripper X without stopping (full disclosure: I still can't do Pfeiffer Scissors). Whatever it is, keep it coming because I LOVE IT!

I have some pretty lofty March goals. Here they are:
100 miles of running: this will be tough
400 miles of biking: also tough
30,000 yards of swimming: ouch

I'll be adding some high intensity (Zone 4) stuff to most runs and rides this month. This will hopefully make me faster and fitter. I really need to make sure I hit each workout and make each one count. It's really easy to just putter through an easy bike ride, but I need to climb hills and go fast and long. That doesn't mean there won't be easy days, but I need to hit the hard days hard and make those bike rides count. No more dicking around on the trainer. If I'm on the trainer, there will be intervals involved. Time to get serious.

March Madness...it's gonna get crazy!

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