Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly update

No, I haven't been slacking on training, just blogging. Here's what I've been doing:

Wednesday: 1 hour on the drainer. So boring! It was raining like crazy, so I headed to the gym to do my run on the dreadmill. Yeah, made it 3 miles before almost killing myself. The dreadmill just isn't going to cut it! Then did 30 min strength. Showed some of the boys in the gym up.

Thursday: 1 hour swim. Sprints day. OMG! Kicked my ass! Normally I swim between 1:55/100 yards (now that I've had my lesson) to 2:00/1oo yards. We did 100 yard sprints and I never went slower than 1:38/100 yards and even hit a couple of 1:29/100 yards. I've been swimming at different times this week. I prefer 5:45 am, but sometimes I just can't make it happen. So, Thursday, I run out of the lab for the 10 am practice and then promptly get kicked out of my lane because 4 of them are reserved for seniors. I had no idea but granny gave me the stink eye for the rest of the day...even though I apologized and moved lanes as soon as I was informed. Anyway, I was exhausted from the swim, but pretty proud of myself. The coach was shocked I swam so fast. BOOM!

Friday: Woke up at 4:45 am, even though I wasn't swimming so I could work for a while before sneaking off on a bike ride. Rode 52 miles, at a decent clip, and stayed aero the entire time. This is huge. I felt really good about this ride. It was windy, but I kept at it. Hopefully all of this riding in the wind is making me a stronger cyclist. When I finished the ride, I bricked on a 3 mile run with the pig ninjas. My legs were so tired. Obviously, I need to do more brick workouts. There will be a lot of progress in the next few months.

Saturday: 8 mile run with the boys. It was a gorgeous day and I ran along the American River Bike Trail. Went out Friday night and drank a massive Lucifer beer. Guess it came back to haunt me because I had a headache on Saturday. That happens when you're not a big drinker, apparently. The run eliminated the Lucifer-induced headache and I felt much better. Took the boys swimming in the river and they had a blast, though my car smelled like wet dog on the way home. Left the windows open a bit to air the car out, forgot to close them and then it rained last night. Ooops! My poor car (Willie Willie Brunana) is soaked.

Today: will ride the drainer later. Must focus on work and eating now.

I have become a child when it comes to eating. If I'm hungry, I'm super cranky and can't even help it. I think about eating all the time. When, where, what. And I'm always thirsty. IM training is pretty awesome, even the always hungry and thirsty part.


  1. You ought to go over to Slowtwitch, if you've not already, and see what some of the fasties say about bricks in IM training... you might not *need* to do as many as you think, or at least not long ones...

  2. Your swimming is getting better before our eyes! :) congrats on another great week!

  3. Thanks, Colleen!

    T: very maybe not long ones but short runs after rides can't hurt.