Monday, February 20, 2012

Holiday Hardcore-ness

I've been indulging in my favorite vice!  Okay, I really like wine, whiskey and shoes, too. But my favorite is training.  As today was a holiday, I just had to squeeze about 30 minutes of lab time in, so I decided to make good use of my time off.  Here's what happened:

Swim #1: woke up early and hit up my masters' swim.  Turns out it wasn't a coached workout, just a swim with the workout written on a big board.  Tough workout!  Too tough for me.  Lots of fly and drills.  I just did my own thing.  Swam about 2000 yards in 45 min and worked on the stroke tweaks I learned at my lesson.  It still feels weird, which is normal and a good sign.  Means I haven't just returned to my old ways.  The pool was kinda crowded and not so fun so I bailed early.

Bike: My plan was to do a pretty tough 40 miler.  As soon as I started in on the first climb, however, I realized I would be better off doing a shorter ride.  My legs are so tired from Saturday's bike and Sunday's run.  I decided to ride the coast and hit the lab halfway through to do my cell harvest.  So, yes, I did bench work in my cycling kit and bike shoes today.  Clomp clomp clomp around the lab!  My PI (boss lady, super cool) was very impressed with my new bike and, I must admit, it's a beauty.  My ride included Torrey Pines and me smoking a group of pure, type A cyclist dudes.  Hey agro dudes, you just got CHICKED!

Swim #2: Oh hell yes!  2 swims in one day.  This swim I did at the gym pool.  I hate that pool.  Too warm, lots of chlorine and lots of people with pool noodles.  Still, got the laps in.  I was joined by a man built like a bull who wore both paddles and flippers who did the most violent flip turn I've ever seen.  In fact, a few times, I just stopped and watched.  Got out and hit the hot tub.  Oh yeah!  By this point, I had started bonking, though, and got very dizzy.  Showered, realized I had worn my cycling kit to the gym so I had to put my pajama pants and cycling jersey on.  Very nice outfit!  Hot pink checkered flannel pants and a hot pink jersey with skulls on it.  Looking hot!

Finished by stopping by a Mexican joint near my house for horchata and tacos!  Now snuggled under a blanket with the IronHounds.  Going to listen to a really amazing HIV scientist speak later this afternoon.  Why can't every weekend be a 3 day weekend?!

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  1. I hate goign to Master's swim only to find the workout written on the board, it would totally bum me out, but I like the swim bike swim workout!