Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Baaaaaa-aaaaaaack!

It's time to start blogging again!  I'm been training, just not blogging.  Here's the quick run-down:

Swimming: I started swimming with the UCSD Masters' team, coached by the infamous and fabulous Sickie.  It's so much fun!  And I've improved already.  My current tt (time trial) swims are the 200 in 3:30, the 100 in 1:40, and the 50 in 0:43.  I know these times aren't fast, but last month I was swimming the 200 in 30s slower, the 100 20 s slower and the 50 a bit I'm improving and this is great news!  I have a private lesson on Friday with Sickie to improve my swimming.  Can't wait!  I credit these positive changes to 1) Sickie, 2) the fabulous mustachioed gentleman with whom I share a lane (there are sometimes others, but the mustachioed man is always there and 3) the disposal of the slut tits swimsuit.  Luke gave the suit this name because it was a bit, uh, revealing.  I bought it online in a grab bag.  You get to pick the size and they send you a suit.  Unfortunately for me, the suit that arrived was very tiny on top.  Not good for me!  I finally broke down and bought a one-piece and I have to say, it's much better, except for its air bubble issues.  Yes, it somehow collects air and releases it as I swim so it looks like I'm farting constantly.  These are not farts, nor trapped farts.  I'm glad someone is still willing to share a lane with me :)

Bike: Oh baby!  Big news here: I bought a new bike!!!!  Big thanks to my mom, dad and Luke who gave me the sweet moo-lah to purchase.  It's a Felt B16 triathlon bike.  Full carbon, full Ultegra.  This is my first super nice bike and I'm looking forward to riding a bike that doesn't fall apart during the Ironman.

Here I am on my first ride on my new bike in front of the Olympic training center

I put this sweet saddle on the new ride (from

The new ride is sooooo awesome.  I just need to think of a good name.  Something like Zeus or Thor or something obnoxious to say.  "Load Thor into the car."  "I rode Zeus hard today."  You know, that sort of thing.  So far it's been awesome, but I haven't done any long rides yet.  Not worried :)

Run: I've switched things up a bit this season and decided that instead of a few high intensity runs each week, I'll do lots of zone 2 (pretty easy and mellow) runs.  I've been running 5-6 days a week with one long run, 2 medium runs and 3 short runs each week.  So far it seems to be working really well.  I don't have any weird aches and pains like I used to have with the high intensity training, it doesn't take me long to warm up and it's really fun.  The pig ninjas love it, too.  My IronBrother Mark suggested the nickname Ironhounds for the boys and I think it's fitting.  Also, I've been doing more trail running, which I like way more than road running.  A couple of weeks ago, we ran in Rancho Penasquitos Canyon and stopped to watch a huge hawk sitting about 6 feet away from us in a field.  Eventually he flew away, but it was really awesome!  Also saw an owl.

Nutrition: Still doing the paleo thing, but I've added in Greek yogurt.  I do well with dairy and really like Greek yogurt with berries and nuts in the morning.  I haven't noticed any weight difference, but I'm feeling quite strong and healthy...and bootylicious at the same time.

You'll hear more from me now :)

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