Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy bike ride

Big time HTFU (harden the F up) 29 mile bike ride for me today. We have rainy, crappy weather here in Sac but the sun came out today, so I jumped on my bike and headed out on the bike trail. Windy but super nice. Turned around and the sky turned an ominous black...bad news. We're supposed to have thunder storms later today. Started hauling, which was about 12 mph with the wind blowing me around, and about 5 minutes from home it starts raining like it's a monsoon. After a couple of minutes I think F! That rain f-ing hurts and realize that it's hail! Ouch! Keep riding and it's so windy that I can't take my hands off the handlebars so snot is shooting out of my nose into the wind. Gross but I think it's funny. Rode by a school and I think the kids were scared by my facial expression + snot. Made it home. Feels great. My bike is covered in worms, which my dogs are trying to eat off my bike.

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