Saturday, February 26, 2011

saturday update

Here's what I've been doing:

Wednesday: 1 hour ride on the drainer

Thursday: 45 min drainer ride, 3 mile fast run. Hanky started limping Wednesday night, so I had to run without them. It was so sad! Hanky cried when I left and I couldn't stop thinking about it while I was running, so I ran really fast (just over 7 min/mile).

Friday: 1 hour drainer ride. I tried to make Friday a rest day, so I skipped my swim, but couldn't resist exercising. I just don't feel "right" when I don't do anything active.

Today: swam one mile at the local pool. I joined this pool again (this is where I used to swim before I joined my current masters team. This is not the crappy shallow pool) today so I can swim here on mornings that I don't want to swim with my masters team. I skip the pull/kick and IM days because they wear me out so I can't put my best effort into running and biking and I just hate IM days. This pool is super nice. One potential awkward aspect of swimming in this pool is that I used to swim with this masters team and I don't really want to tell them that I switched teams :) Not sure they'd really care, but I prefer to avoid drama.

Also ran 6 miles with the pups. Hank stopped limping and seems to be fine. Today they pooped like it was an Olympic sport. 4 times for RuDizzle and 5 times for HankPizzle. I'm impressed.

Here are some things I need to focus on:
core work!
figure out what's happening with my skin. All this sweating is freaking my skin out!
nutrition: trying to decide what nutrition plan to follow for the IM. I know what to do for marathons and for long rides I normally just drink Gatorade and eat candy or other snacks. For something of this distance, though, I think I need to really dial into what gives me optimal energy without any issues. Looking into Infinit. It's a product that you can customize based on individual salt, caffeine, calorie, protein, etc. needs. It's a drink, which would make it easy to use. More on this later. I have to decide what to do.

Tomorrow I'm doing an open water swim (OWS) in Lake Natoma with my friend Melody, who recently got really into OWS. The water is currently 45 degrees F. That is horrendous. I hope I don't die. Following the swim, I'm going to ride for at least 3 hours...50 miles or so. I bought a cornmeal pizza and a pint of peanut brittle Ben and Jerry's ice cream for refueling. Yummy!

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  1. 45 degrees is cold cold cold for a swim!

    I really like Infinit so far. I have been using it to compliment my main energy source which is Gu. I only have it at a consistency of 150 calories per 20 oz of water, so its not too strong, not too thick, and quenches my thirst. I made my formula to be 300 calories per 20 oz of water so that I can effectively get 2X for the same amount of money.