Thursday, February 17, 2011

EEEW rain and the stupid pool

Before I started swimming with my current team, my local pool closed for the winter, so I joined a local gym because they had an indoor pool. Turns out that pool really, really sucks. It's shallow, filled with large, elderly aquajoggers and smells weird. I can rarely swim for very long because it does bad things to my mental fortitude. Today I managed about 1000 yards, showered and then promptly cancelled my membership. Felt good. Another pro to not having this gym access is that I can no longer skip my masters practice with the excuse that I'll just hit the other pool later.

It's super rainy here, so I rode the drainer. Hank was intrigued and kept trying to sit on my lap.
I could totally make him a triathlete. He loves to run and swim and now we know that he likes to ride, too.

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