Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey, STFU A-hole...and some positive news

Here's what's been going on:

Sunday: 6 mile run with the boys. Really awesome trail by a creek.

Monday: 34 mile ride. I was going to ride 65-70, but the weather was not holding out for me. Rain and black skies. Since I decided to decrease the mileage, I thought I should challenge myself. There's a hill that I've never been able to climb. It's all mental. I've climbed much meaner hills, but I haven't tried this one in a couple of years. Backstory: I once fell about ten times in a row because I didn't have the momentum while climbing this steep hill. No exaggeration. Anyway, made it to the top! Woo hoo! Yippee! That hill is now my B#$%^.

Here's the weird part: on the way back down, this older guy (60s, I would guess) rode up to me and asked if I would "like some tips to ride more safely and have more fun?" Not interested! Guess he didn't care, because he rode next to me and gave me all of his suggestions. Beginner stuff. Then he told me that people overfill their tires and that "with my weight" I should fill them to a certain level. When he said "with your weight," he was implying that I am a fatty. That pissed me off! Since when did 125, 126, 127 pounds become porky? Anyway, I tried to drop him, but the dude was fast! Then he told me I should stop riding a tri bike and get a road bike. I told him I already have one and then he asked me if I would race for his team. Hell no! I told him I ride a tri bike because I'm tri training and I have ZERO interest in racing for his team! Grrrrrr....so first he lectures me like a newb, then wants me to race. Stupid. So, that's the reason for the title, STFU A-hole, because that's what I was thinking over and over again, but managed not to say. Nice will power! Also managed not to kick him in the face or put something in his spokes, though I did entertain both notions :)

This morning I did my first swim since my lesson and...
IT HELPED! I cut 10s/100 yards off my time and was able to swim at my new pace consistently. I focused on good form, high elbows, wide tracks. Definitely feel like my muscles were being used differently. So exciting! I think more speed gains are on the way as this new form becomes normal and I don't have to think about it too much. Kicked ass in my lane today. Fastest swimmer by far. So what if it's the slowest lane?!

Oh, noticed that I'm starting to get noticeable lats when I flex. Yes, that's badass. They're kinda ropey and small, but I'm okay with that.

Recently, I've been worrying that I'm not ready for the Ironman. Then, I regain my wits and realize that I'm not supposed to be ready yet! I'll be ready by June 26 and right now I'm working towards being ready.


  1. You should have told him that with your weight, you could kick his ass, so he better STFU.

  2. Oh my goodness... what's up with that guy. Some people need to learn to shut their big mouths!

  3. Everyone's a coach nowadays! What nerve?!?!

    Glad that you are finding new muscles to flex! Its always awesome when you look in the mirror and say, "I didn't know I had that muscle! Where did it come from?" hahahaha!