Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brick workout

Today I did a brick workout, which is when you do one sport and then immediately move on to the second. I rode the trainer for 30 minutes, then ran 1.63 miles with the pig ninjas. The transition time (the time between the sports) was a bit long, as I had to interrupt the dogs' wrestling match to get their leashes on and then they pooped a lot, but we had fun...and there will be no pig ninja pooping during the IM transitions.

I had an early morning in the lab today, including 2 mosquito pupae collections (gross, hot, smelly, no thanks) and then the department's holiday lunch, complete with a thanksgiving buffet (sadly missing pie) and a white elephant gift exchange. It is my opinion that all holiday work functions should include alcohol, especially if there's a gift exchange involved. The hot item everyone wanted was a polar bear stuffed animal that played music. I wanted to give a loaf of velveeta for my present, but decided against it...not everyone gets my sense of humor. Next year. My advisor's gift contribution was a can of monkey butt powder. She would understand. Anyway, the point of this is that I biked and ran after filling my belly with thanksgiving. Side ache city during the run! Now I know not to eat stuffing during the IM.

I was supposed to swim today, as you know from the schedule I posted, but it has been really cold and rainy here and I'm just too much of a wuss to swim outside in that weather...that's one excuse, another is that I hate, hate, hate the pool on campus where I swim. However, I cannot avoid swimming, so I joined 24 hour fitness, which has an indoor heated pool that's open for lap swim 24 hours. Pretty sweet and only a couple of miles from my house. So, I switched today's workout with tomorrow's and switched Thursday and Friday.

Feeling really great, motivated and excited about training.

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