Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6-12: week 2

Each week, I'm going to post my training schedule...that way if I slack you will all know about it :)

This is week 2 of my 30 week Ironman training plan. The first 10 weeks are the base phase, where the primary goals are: "(1) to acclimate to the type of training that will follow, (2) develop an aerobic base, and (3) develop technique" (Fink, 2010).

Here's what's up for this week:
Monday: 45 minute run. In the future, Mondays will usually be rest days, but I'm making up for Saturday.
Tuesday: 300 warm-up, 8x50 drills, 16x25 with 10 sec rest in between each length, 1x400 with 60 sec rest afterward, 16x25 with 10 sec rest, 8x50 drills, 200 cool down. This one is gonna kill me!
Wednesday: Transition workout: 30 min bike ride followed immediately by a 15 min run
Thursday:30 minute bike ride and this swim workout: 300 warm up, 8x50 drills, 1x300 with 40 second rest afterward, 3x200 with 30 second rest after each set, 1x300 with 30 sec rest, 8x50 drills, 200 cool down. Yikes!
Friday: 45 min run
Saturday: 90 minute bike ride. I'll be in San Diego and can't wait to ride along the ocean!
Sunday: 1 hour run

Other thoughts: I really need to take some swim lessons. Maybe I can sign up this week.

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