Wednesday, December 8, 2010

longest swim ever

Yesterday, I joined 24 hour fitness so I could use their pool. I went for my first swim in over a month today. It was awesome! Since I'm officially IM training, I had my workout on a notecard inside a ziploc bag and I actually finished the entire thing: 2500 yards! This is officially the longest swim I've ever done. I feel great. A little sore in the shoulders but overall very good. So good, in fact, that I'm going back tomorrow to add an extra swim workout to the week. I need as much swimming as I can get!

The pool was fine. Small, but heated and inside. It's very shallow--less than 4' deep at all points. As such, there were lots of elderly and obese people walking and doing strange exercises in the pool. In fact, I was the only person swimming more than 5 or so laps. It's pretty weird to be the "swimmer" at a pool, since I'm used to being the slowest person...but I'll take it! Still trying to figure out how to turn in such a shallow pool. I'm used to 8+ feet. When I tried to do a flip turn, I wound up doing a handstand. Apparently this means my turns are not tight enough. I'll practice tomorrow.

I was also supposed to run this afternoon, but it's freezing and rainy, so I rode the trainer for 30 minutes instead.

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