Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ah, rest

Today was an unscheduled rest day. Felt great. I did accomplish some tri-specific goals, though. First, I checked out the Davis Aquatic Masters Team. It seems awesome. They have 9 (or so) coached workouts every day. Amazing! There are two pools for the early morning (5:45) workout--one is super crowded and the other is not nearly as busy. Which will I be at? The not-so-crowded one. Tomorrow. Must make it happen. Have to get my butt out of bed.

Second, I ordered new running shoes and bought new insoles. I ordered the pink Asics Gel Kayanos. I always wear Kayanos. When I asked why the store only carried the turquoise and not the pink version, the guy told me that, "while there is a small group of women who like pink, there are a lot more who absolutely hate pink." Oooookay, it was magenta! Not baby barf pink. Whatever, I like hot pink and I will enjoy wearing them! Someday I want a hot pink bike with leopard print. Think how much it would hurt dudes to get chicked by that bike :)

Third, I bought a new swimsuit and goggles. My old goggles are scratched so it's time for new. My suit is also worn out, to the point that threads from the suit stick to me when I take it off. I bought a one-piece racing suit. Let's just say it's not attractive and I'm taking it back. I do NOT have a one-piece racing type body. I'll stick with two-pieces, thank you very much.

Fourth, I bought some stuff for my swim bag. Since I'll be swimming in Davis, I'm going to head straight to the lab afterward, so I have to bring shower stuff to the pool.

Tomorrow it's back to the pool and an afternoon run with the pig ninjas. We're supposed to get some nice, sunny weather this weekend, so I'm going to take advantage of it and bike long twice and run long.

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