Sunday, January 9, 2011

thwarted ride

I had to abandon my planned ride because there was severe fog with zero visibility and freezing fog that resulted in super slick roads. The area I was planning on riding in is kinda dangerous anyway, with lots of winding roads, so I decided not to take the chance. Decided to ride the bike path instead. Got a little over 6 miles in and the path was flooded. Such a bummer! Rode 12.41 miles total.

Today is going to count as my rest day for the week. Even though today was disappointing, I had a great training week.

Here's the week's planned schedule:

Monday: swim 2500 yards, bike 2 hours
Tuesday: swim 2500 yards, brick: bike 45 min, run 15 min
Wednesday: run 1 hour
Thursday: swim 2500 yards
Friday: run 1:15, bike 1 hour
Saturday: bike 2:30
Sunday: run 1:15

It's going to be a busy, great week.

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