Friday, January 14, 2011

Most excellent Friday

Today was fantastic. I woke up super early (4:46 am...never 4:45. I have OCD about numbers) and swam with my new team. It was fantastic. Way better than swimming on my own. I was in the slowest lane and definitely belong there, though I plan on moving up at some point. This team has swims every day of the week. I plan on going to 4 a week, skipping the weekend swims and the pull/kick day. My legs don't need any more exercise. The coach said my stroke looks pretty good, but I need to finish my pull more. I can work on that. The coaches also offer private lessons. Planning on taking a couple in a few weeks. Can't hurt. Highlight of the swim: one of the guys in my lane said, "You're obviously a swimmer." F yes! I can now officially pass as a swimmer.

Not tri related: after months of my mosquitoes not eating (like, 10% would bloodfeed every week. Not good), tons of them bloodfed today (>75%)! Woo hoo! So awesome. Research miracle breakthrough.

After what seems like months of frigid temperatures and rain, the sun came out today and it was around 60 degrees. I took the pig ninjas for a 6 mile run. It was glorious. I wore some super cute new running capris and a car full of young men slowed down and yelled NICE ASS as they passed. Oh yeah, feeling good today.

Topping off a great Friday with a yummy dinner, wine and live band karaoke.

More awesomeness in store for this weekend: long bike rides and a long run.

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