Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy day

Ran 5.87 miles with the pig ninjas and then rode the trainer for 30 minutes while watching Top Chef. I'm having my best training week in a long time and I feel great! Definitely starting to feel like I'm making this a lifestyle. True, I no longer brush my hair or wear make-up and I now think it's okay to wear fleece or spandex warm-up pants to work, to lunch, to the store, anywhere, but I feel fantastic! I'm heading out with my "supper club" tomorrow night for Shabu and entertainment, so I'll chick it up then and make myself pretty. Once a week is plenty :)

Oh, oh...and, even though I didn't have to swim today, I still woke up before 4:45 am without an alarm. Badass! Though I did stay in bed...super enjoyable.

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