Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Haven't posted in a while...ooops!

Here's what I've been up to:

Dec. 25: 6 mile run early in the morning. Here's a pic from our run:

Dec. 31: 2500 yard swim. I did this in the lap pool at our place in SD. Pool sucks but then we went to the ocean and took the boys to Dog Beach. A dog park on the beach. Heaven on earth!

Jan. 1: 5.62 mile run and about 45 minutes of hiking. I ran in Balboa park. So much fun. The boys had a blast!

Jan. 2: 30.71 mile ride. We rode from our place in Mission Valley to the Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma. Couple of steep hills and it was cold and windy but felt great to be outside.

Jan. 3: spent the day driving from SD to Sac. Sad :(

Jan. 4: 10.13 mile ride followed immediately by a 1.41 mile run. All at a quick pace.

Jan. 5: 2500 yard swim then a 5.1 mile run. Had a wicked side ache on the run today and Hanky had the big D, so I had to walk a bit.

Here's my training schedule for the rest of the week:
Thursday: 1 hour bike ride, 1 hour run
Friday: 2500 yard swim
Saturday: 2 hour bike ride. Hopefully going to head to the Auburn area to ride some hills. Need to do some climbing.
Sunday: 1 hour run.

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