Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blah ride, barf ride

So, I guess I'm a bit behind in my blogging. Bad! Yesterday, Luke and I rode a super tough, hilly course from Folsom to Auburn, down through Cool and back to Folsom. It was a rough ride for me. In fact, it was the worst ride I've ever had. I got heat stroke about 20 miles in and came close to blacking out. Headache. Dizziness. Shaking. Vomited several times. Made it 43 miles and then had to send Luke ahead to pick up the car. I was pretty disappointed in the ride, but I'm ready to conquer it next cooler weather. The worst part is that I'm totally capable of all the climbing (4000-5000 feet), but the weather just got me. I made it through all the climbing but decided (wisely, I think) to stop about 7 miles before the finish so I wouldn't die...or be really sick...or wind up in the hospital.

Luke was a warrior. He killed the hills and is developing some pretty nice calves :)

Needless to say, I took today off. Run time tomorrow. Time to get back on track. The past two weeks have been rough: insomnia, lab insanity, heatstroke, etc.

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  1. It was night and day between Friday and Saturday with the weather. Saturday was a perfect day for a long ride with the temperature roughly 13 degrees cooler than Friday.

    Good luck with the training, perhaps I'll see you at Oceanside in April.