Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long ride and week 5 update

I rode 63 miles today on the American River Bike Trail. Super fun ride. Here are some of the highlights (good and bad):
1. A man wearing see-through white cycling gear (gross) and no helmet (stupid) riding quickly on a road bike.
2. a rattlesnake slithered by me (scary!)
3. I hit a ground squirrel. It was an accident; the stupid thing ran right into my front tire. I felt a bump but then it ran on. No blood. Hope it made it. Not likely. Removal from the gene pool necessary for survival of the fittest.
4. Passed a lot of macho dudes today. Total Type A testosterone freaks who didn't like being passed by a small chick. They tried to catch up. Ha ha! Eat my dust, boys!
5. Averaged over 18 mph on the way out. Slowed down on the way back due to some sports-drink-gulping-induced nausea. 18 mph is my IM goal pace.

Fun, fun, fun ride!

Week 5 totals:
Swim: 3400 yards
Bike: 109 miles
Run: 4.41 miles. Keeping the run mileage super low to avoid injury.

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