Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday double

I started this morning with a swim with the Masters' team. I swam 1850 yards in just over an hour, which is seriously crazy. We started with a warm up, then I worked on my butterfly and breast strokes. Very difficult. It's been over twenty years, literally, since I've done either stroke. There was a lot of weird and not very skillful flailing going on. The butterfly is SO hard! In fact, coach said the reason he made me do the fly was so that freestyle would seem easy in comparison. Very true! Good news: Coach said my freestyle looks good. So now it's just building endurance. I love, love, love the team.

Today is a dissertation writing day, so I thought I should squeeze in a quick bike ride before doing cell culture and then returning home to write all day. I rode 33.02 miles in 2 hours. Rode to Davis, checked some cells, then returned home. Feel good. Strong.

I will definitely sleep well tonight. Ha ha. I'm in bed by 9 every night and I'm up before the sun rises. I've become a 70 year old.

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  1. Nice Job Ashley! Love reading these updates...keep them coming!!