Sunday, August 1, 2010

Running should be fun

Lots of people tell me they hate running. I think these pictures demonstrate that running is fun. My goal is always to have a good time.

These two pictures are of my best friend from high school (Rachel), my best friend from college (Brenda) and I running a half-marathon in Nashville in April 2010. We stopped and took a funny picture with every band along the course. We had a blast!

This picture is from the Seattle Rock'n'Roll marathon last summer. Each year, Rachel and I choose a run (a marathon or half) to do together. We've run two marathons and a half together. The tutus made their debut last summer and we added the tiaras last spring. We also wear tanks with rainbows on them. What will we come up with next? Not sure but promise it will be obnoxious!

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