Friday, July 9, 2010

Afternoon swim delight

I missed my morning swim today. Usually the lap pool is open all day. Today, however, they closed lap swim early and then had a second session this afternoon. I'm a morning exerciser and if I miss a workout, it's nearly impossible for me to make myself work out later in the day.

After my afternoon meeting, I headed to the pool. The pool is much different in the afternoon than in the morning. There were tons and tons and tons of screaming kids everywhere. Screaming kids give me a visceral flee reaction. Yes, I know, this makes me a bad person, I should be more tolerant, etc. Can't help it. In spite of this huge booming voice in my head telling me to run in the opposite direction, I managed to to get in the pool. Shockingly, I had a lane to myself and had a nice, uneventful, very short 400 meter swim. I focused on less rest between laps and I definitely did better than I did last Wednesday.

My next swim goal is to breathe on both sides. I practiced a bit today, but it still feels strange.

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