Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Workout #2

Woo hoo! I managed to sneak in a bike ride after work today. Unfortunately, it was super windy...like tires skidding and me almost crashing. Boo! Going to have to hope, hope, hope the IM isn't windy. As a result of the wind, I decided to cut my ride short. I was out near Dixon in the farm country and turned on a road that looked like it was heading back to Davis. So, I'm gripping the handlebars and doing my best to stay upright, knowing that I was heading home. Bet you know what happens next, right?

No, I didn't crash! But, the road I was following dead-ended into a farm. F! I could see a road parallel to the road I was on, just across the farm and assumed there must be a way to access it. Yes, I could have turned around and went back the way I came. Unfortunately (and sometimes fortunately), I'm very stubborn. Yeah, you knew that. So I find a dirt farm road and decide to follow that. Keep in mind I'm on my very expensive triathlon bike with race tires (no tread). I kept one foot out of the pedals and putted along very slowly. Yes! I see the road just ahead. I reach the road. Oh, f again! It's another farm road. Do I turn around? NO! I keep riding on tractor roads (all gravel or dirt) across this farm until I finally see a road with cars driving on it. After about 4 miles of farm roads, I reach asphalt. Yes!

After that, I just continued back to Davis, chuckling to myself about my off-road adventure on my super nice tri bike. Overall, I rode 15 miles.

Lessons learned:
1. My bike is really, really awesome and handles better than I thought. Yes, I trust my bike and my handling abilities more. That's good.

2. Stick to roads I know. Yeah, that's a good one.

3. Stop being so stubborn...not gonna happen.

4. Enjoy the ride. I did!

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