Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I decided to take it easy this morning, as I'm still adjusting to all of this exercise/waking up early in addition to my insane schedule. Took the pig ninjas on a quick 2-miler. No biggie. Beautiful morning. Ramses the CatFace left a mouse on the doorstep to greet us. I was impressed with his technique. Generally, cats leave greetings like this in just the head format or they eat the guts and leave the remnants. Ramses, smart and inventive boy that he is, managed to skin the body of the mouse, while leaving the entrails, head, legs, and tail perfectly in place. Impressive.

My IT bands (the rubberband-like cord that attaches your pelvis to your knee) have been a bit tight recently, so it might be time to buy "the stick," which is a foam stick that you use to stretch out IT bands and other tendons/ligaments. It hurts like hell but prevents injury. I injured my right IT band several years ago and it put me out of commission for months. Now, I try to start out slowly and increase my mileage gradually so I don't tweak them.

I'm heading to a tri shop in Sacramento tonight. Never been there and I hope it's good. I'm looking for new arm pads for my tri bike, an aero hydration system, and the stick. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I have a 90 minute massage tonight. Pretty much the greatest thing ever :)

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  1. Careful, that's alot of exercise in a short period. Massage will help.