Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bike ride and peach cobbler

Just finished a 50 mile bike ride with Luke. We rode from our house in West Sac to Davis, where I did some work in the insectary, then we rode west toward Winters and then back home. It's crazy, crazy hot here...around 100. I rode my tri bike for the first time in years (literally). It was super fun, but strange to be in aero position again. Definitely going to be an adjustment to get used to shifting and holding that position. My shoulders are sore, but it was a great ride. The best I've been on in a long time. My new dual chamber aero bottle was awesome.

Now we're heading to the Marysville Peach Festival to refuel with peach cobbler and ice cream...lots of ice cream! One of the major perks of distance sports is the ability to eat lots and lots of delicious, high calorie food and know that you've earned it and won't grow belly rolls as a result.

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