Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today I took the dogs on a short, 3 mile run. Not much to report. Still feeling out of shape but I know I won't for too much longer. We ran up on the levee road behind our house and halfway in, visited the water so the boys could swim. RuDog was tired today and spent the first mile with his head pressed against my left leg, making it rather difficult to run and then from mile 1.5 to mile 2.5, he ran right behind me so I was kicking him with each step. Guess he didn't mind because he didn't move. We were all hot when we got home and I drank ice water while they ate ice cubes.

My goal today was to start breaking in my new running shoes. They still have that super white, I'm not really a runner look to them. I made sure to run through lots of dirt so I'll stop looking like an aerobics instructor and start looking like a runner again.

The run was a nice break from dissertation writing. I'll take it!

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